Introducing AdToons e-Learning
"How to Inform Your Employees, Reduce Turnover and Build Your Bottom Line without Training using Boring PowerPoint"
What you will learning in the next 5 minutes
• 0:51 Who can benefit from this style of e-learning

• 1:21 What you need first to start the program

• 1:32 How AdToons fits inside the LMS (Learning management system)

• 2:03 Can you use this methodology to "Onboard" new hires

• 2:31 How to integrate the learning aspect of the LMS 

• 3:02 How many modules can you include in the system

• 3:05 What is the ideal time to set up each chapter

• 3:11 How this methodology compares to PowerPoint

• 3:47 Take a tour of the testing/quizzes part of the LMS

• 4:07 Can you include other essential downloadable information in this?

• 4:44 How the learning report works and how to assess if everyone has gone through the information

Client feedback
In short everything we thought was going to happen is happening across the many schools using CallerMax.

First, the selection of students is improved.  After watching the training students are able to self select themselves out of the position.  This saves us time and provides the school a better team member who wants to do the job.

On the phone, credit card gifts have improved, fulfillment of pledges has increased, students are more conversational and are getting internships and job interviews.

The quality of AdToons captures their attention and draws them into what is being asked of them.  They can easily and enjoyably see what to do and what not to do over the series of videos.  Specifically, we are using the videos as an introduction for the course work and then walk them through the lessons in greater detail.  But seeing the big picture first really helps us frame what we are going to cover and what they are going to have to accomplish.

-Clark Gafke  - CEO CallerMax
When you want to make the complex simple, engage your team through the power of visual online training
Line up time to walk through an AdToons e-Learning demo
AdToons e-Learning has been involved in employee training since 1998. This is the first arena in which the founder, Vincent Palko, cut his teeth on taking complex business information and translating it into useful metaphors and drawings that engage learners.

Since then, we have worked with several Fortune Five hundred companies around the globe to understand the key gaps in learning and develop a solution to improve employee engagement.

Here are a few of the many areas in which we can assist you and your employees:

• Understand the vision and values of your organization
• Understand your company’s process flow and how to improve it
• Coach new hires up to speed
• Think customer first
• Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion

Fill out the form above and take a tour of our sample e-Learning training and create an amazing team while improving your bottom line.

A few of the many samples from previous clients
Medical field - Communication
Large institution - Vision and values
Sales training - Client vision pyramid
Sales training -Pledge training

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